Saturday, June 23, 2007

am i finally starting this?

Well, I am the lurker extraordinaire, and I feel it is time to start my own blog. I am a mom of two and a knitter, and a spinner and most recently a dyer. Right now I am working on my first pair of handspun on a drop spindle energized socks. The fiber is blue faced leicester and I dyed it with indigo in a dye intensive I took a few weeks turned out very pretty, but it is making my hands blue
Quite a feat for me because my drop spindle and I are not on close terms. My first attempt I have abandoned, after my general disliking it, and then my husband said, "You know what that color is?" "Vomit". That was the final kicker--they are
outta here...
I am also working on the Monkey socks that have been very popular in blogland with Socks That Rock in the Lagoon colorway. I did not want to love the STR, but I do. I thought, how could it be that special? But it is. I'm not usually only knitting socks, but now that it's summer, and the boys are out of school, it's all I can keep my attention on.

So there my first post, not so painful. I think the whole name game was way more painful, finally I had to settle after trying to wrack my brain for some clever witticism...