Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

halloween boys
It's a day late, but here is my ninja monkey and my prisoner monkey ready for Halloween.

Well, one of the troubles I've come across with spinning yarn for a project, is when you can't knit it until you spin more yarn. I guess there are those people who have the patience to spin up all their yarn before they start knitting. I am not one of those people. So my Swallowtail Shawl is on hold. Which is so hard because I've come to the end of the first repeats and now onto something new and different, but can't continue.

The Tangled Yoke cardigan is coming along nicely. I so wish the second sleeve or second sock for that matter were like the drive home. Familiar and faster. But they're not. They're boring. I have finished both of them, and am up to the yoke now, which is why I'm typing and not knitting, because it takes a certain amount of attention which I do not have right now. I'm excited about this sweater.


I started a new scarf,

it's the morning surf scarf. I had this yarn I had spun up that I thought would look great in this pattern. I'm still not sure about how many yards will look like what, but it's fun to knit anyhow. Maybe I'll have a mini scarf, or a hot pad or maybe it will actually be scarf length.

I finished my BFF socks,

They are knit with the Neptune colorway of A Verb for Keeping Warm sock yarn available on Etsy. Size 2 needles. The only change I made is that I did 4 repeats instead of 9 on the ankle part. I loved the yarn and the pattern and would recommend both.

And last, but not least I've been doing some spinning.....


Besides the fact that I've eaten way too much candy in the last couple of days, that's all for now.