Thursday, March 20, 2008


In the past few weeks my life has felt like it's completely been turned upside-down. We had been toying with the idea of moving for a long time, but in short order it has finally become a reality. Just, you know, waiting for the economy to turn at it's worst and have the housing market be in the dumps before you make the leap to sell your house. But these are the changes we've put into motion and good or bad, that's our reality.

So now we are living in a neighborhood where we can actually walk to stuff. Not only stuff, but lots of stuff. And that feels good. It hasn't all sunk in yet. I feel like I still haven't physically gotten used to fact that I no longer live in the other house. It's strange.

Things are good though, the boxes are beginning to diminish and our new house is starting to look normal.

I missed Stitches West, I guess I thought I would melt if it rained a little. I still feel bad I wasn't there, it sounded like a lot of crazy fun. Brooke, if you're reading this, I missed seeing you, and I hope you and Maia had a great time!

In knitting, my newest project is the Barn Raising Quilt from Larissa Brown's new book Knitalong. I love the idea of using sock yarn scraps, because I have a lot, and bonus, they are washable. So my dirty little monkeys can use this blanket (when I actually finish it) with abandon.

On an exciting note, Spin-Off magazine contacted me through Ravelry and my Morning Surf Scarf may be in the Summer issue. Way cool...thank you rock.

I can't believe it's almost Easter, it feels like we are in constant motion, always busy.

I hope that it can be a day of relaxation, for us and for everyone.