Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas


First off I'll begin with a post I started awhile ago...

What an amazing wonderful thing the internet can be when it comes to being a knitter. I appreciate all the incredible knowledge that people share. Having come to the Nupps on my Swallowtail Shawl and getting sore wrists trying to pearl those 5 stitches together, thinking to myself, carpal tunnel here I come. I looked at what those had done before me. Luckily there was a lot on the subject. Here is where I went
I ended up using a smaller dpn sock needle, just shifting those nupp stitches onto the needle so I could pearl those babies with ease. If only it could solve my inconsistent spinning woes. The control yarn (bit that helps you know how you want your yarn to turn out, instead of your tired and failing memory) probably really is a good idea. oh well. Handmade with love. Not perfect. Now that I have finished the nupps, I ran out of yarn and it's on hold until I figure out what to do.

The Tangled Yoke is truly my humbling project. It seems every two steps forward I take, I must take at least 4 back....I plan on working on it after the holiday knitting.

I've been doing some Christmas knitting....I always say I'm not going to, and then end up with some "small" projects. This year I chose hats. Here is a Thorpe from Through the Loops for Tia made with Rowan Cashsoft chunky

thorpe for tia

I followed the pattern exactly, casting on and knitting from 4 stitches is tricky! I also learned to half double crochet, there is a great tutorial on Youtube:

A hat for baby Judd, with some soft yarn from my stash, pattern from Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns

hat for baby judd

and Kim's hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, in Aracania Aysen which is super super soft


I also am making a Devil Hat from Stitch and Bitch, but it is hornless right now. Almost there.

Well, I hope everyone has a fun and restful holiday and that the New Year brings lots of love, happiness, and peace....

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look at that adorable kid!