Wednesday, August 8, 2007

In Order to Be a Better Spinner, you must spin.

That's my mantra. Well we went to Calistoga, in the wine country, and it was beautiful, and hot. It was just what it needed to be, making us feel like we got away even though it was just a short drive. I've been knitting away, my monkeys are done!

My lace wrap is progressing and of course that tank. It feels like it's been the same size forever. I'm hoping it's like the kids, one day it will look huge, maybe even almost done....

Well, I haven't exercised in a while and I'm just realizing that's what's making me blue. I usually go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. I don't especially like to exercise, but evidently I need to for my mental health. Plus I guess it is good for the physical health as well. I've been questioning my self-worth, and my abilities, personal, creative etc. of late, I hope it's just exercise I need.

So spinning, I seem to forget to spin sometimes in the midst of thinking about spinning. I have a hard time spinning just to spin without a knitting project on the other end. I have to trust that it will come, and the more I spin, the better I will get. Here are some skeins I've done, the two pinky ones are merino dyed with natural dye (madder), one single ply, one two ply. The middle is some Blue Face Leicester dyed with chemical dyes.

I'm working on trying to spin laceweight. How to spin thin enough so that when I ply it will still be laceweight. We'll see.

I feel as though I've become unraveled on ravelry. Not really, but I finally got my invitation and at first glance--very cool. It's a bit overwhelming though, I've stepped back, it can consume you and making you into a digital photo clicking maniac. It seems connect knitters in a new way, it's amazing how many people are knitting, crocheting, making yarn etc. out there.

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