Tuesday, October 9, 2007

hootie cootie rum sum sum

finished Girlfriend's Swing coat, ready to wrap.
swallowtail shawl with handspun.
small monkey with braces.

Knitting the Tangled Yoke a lot, I am almost done with the first sleeve.

There was one woman who did them both at once, that is very smart, but it makes my head hurt when trying to figure out how. I've started my second BFF sock, actually almost to the toe.

Started the Swallowtail Shawl. I'm not a shawl person. I'm already trying to figure out who I can give this to. I wanted to try out spinning laceweight and then see what it looked like knitted up, so there it is. I have to remember that handspun is not like yarn you buy at the store. It's got it's own personality, and is beautiful in different ways.

I'm having one of those hormonal weeks where I'm angry at everything and hate just about everyone. I wish there were some way to turn these feelings off. I do a fair amount of exercise. But I don't stay away from the caffeine and chocolate. But how could you? Wouldn't that make me into more of a monster? Anyhow...

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