Sunday, May 24, 2009

Music in my ears

Seeing live music takes me back to when I was little and my step-dad was always in a band and we were there, listening, dancing, singing-along, and watching. I remember being tired and wanting to go home, but now when I see music, I think about those days and how special I felt because I knew the band. And even though these days I hardly ever see live music and I hardly ever know the band, I still get that feeling of being special. Friday night we went to the Fox Theater and saw TV on the Radio. I was not a huge fan beforehand, but I am now, it was a great show. I was high on life. They put on a kickass performance, it was so much fun.

And the Fox Theater, what a beautiful job they've done restoring it, we had an amazing view of the stage. It has to be one of the best places to see a show.

This blog is seriously neglected. It takes time and energy that I don't give it. But I have been knitting and spinning. I've been knitting lots of gifts, now I'm just knitting to knit some my yarn that I have accrued.

I'm knitting the Winter Windows Silk Scarf from Luxury One-Skein Wonders, which was a lovely mother's day gift. I'm using some yak/silk handspun from the Ultra Verb For Keeping Warm Fiber Club,"Capitan Pink's Lost Pearl". I tried knitting the Silk Berry Bag with this same yarn, but there was something wrong with the pattern and I didn't have the patience to figure out what it was. This is a nice book full of beautiful little things to knit, but almost every pattern has some corrections so be sure to check if you're knitting out of it.

Also on the needles is a lace stole from Knitty, the Seascape Stole. I can't seem to put this down for very long, it keeps calling to me. I'm knitting it with Malabrigo Lace and it is very, very soft. A one ply though which will probably not hold up to well.

I'm trying unsuccessfully to spin fingering weight yarn. This is my attempt. It's a little thick in places. I think next time I'll try the high speed whorl. I do love this yarn though, so pretty. it's made from overdyed BFL from A Verb For Keeping Warm. Another beautiful creation by Kristine.

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The said...

Aloha M!

Your stepdad & I were recently commenting on how special it was that you got to experience LIVE music growing up and that you got to experience recording studios with the likes of the Shakers, the Rubinoos, Roger & the Goosebumps maybe Whispering Lion? And, we do remember how tired you used to get and you wanting to go home. It sure was a different lifestyle, that's for sure.

Love your knitting and awesome colored yarns.

Our Kona trip was a trip! We had fun! Didn't like the Vog though. Keep in touch! Love you much!

Always missing you!

R & R